President's Point – November 2018

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Mark D. Baldino

In the span of two weeks we experienced some of the most extreme highs and lows in recent memory. Having just finished hosting our very successful 20th Oktoberfest, we had very little time to celebrate and thank everyone who participated before being forced to hurriedly prepare for Hurricane Michael, a category 4 storm that caused major destruction in Leon and neighboring counties 10 days later.

Forecasted as a tropical storm on Sunday October 7, this projected heavy rain event came ashore Wednesday afternoon as the most ferocious monster ever to hit the Panhandle of Florida and the third most powerful storm ever to make landfall in the United States. Fortunately for our clients, we were able to prepare and deliver a hot and a frozen meal before shutting down on Tuesday afternoon. Miraculously, our offices received power back by early Friday afternoon on West Tennessee Street with no food spoilage and by early Sunday evening at our Lake Ella Adult Day Stay facility. We were fully operational on Monday morning and not one MOW volunteer failed to show up for their deliveries.

We also received a large donation from the Berry Family Foundation to activate a Senior Storm Relief Fund for which we are very grateful. This donation will make a substantial impact on families that were hit hard by Michael, many of whom lost food, shelter, and their sense of security.

Every component of our government, our agency and our community responded amazingly and everyone has been working tirelessly to help as many of our seniors put this horrible weather event behind them. The unfailing spirit of this community is just another example of why Tallahassee is such an incredibly wonderful place to live and work.

Surely the makings of a very Thankful and Happy Thanksgiving!

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