President’s Point – March 2019

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Mark D. Baldino

On the sunny last Monday morning in February we hosted our annual Big Wheels Deliver Meals event, much to the delight of our clients and our Big Wheels as well. Our clients’ excitement was clearly evident when they opened the door and were greeted by local TV and radio personalities, the Secretary of Elder Affairs, the ED's of the Area Agency on Aging and Senior Center, city and county commissioners, state representatives and our state attorney, local CEOs and Presidents, and Tallahassee’s new mayor, John Dailey. It was truly a beautiful day for everyone involved and Mayor Dailey’s impressions below sum it all up quite well.

Mayor Dailey making a delivery
Mayor Dailey making a delivery

"When I volunteered with Meals on Wheels, I saw the joy that I brought to those I was serving. Something as simple as a hot meal and a genuine smile can really make a difference in someone’s day. Being able to provide this one simple act of kindness is something I will never forget. Meals on Wheels does more than serve food they serve kindness, goodwill, and friendliness. For a lot of people who receive their food through Meals on Wheels the interaction they have with the volunteers is sometimes the only human interaction they get that day. The food is important, but the human interaction is what makes Meals on Wheels special."

Operating five days a week for more than 48 years, Meals on Wheels makes a positive difference for homebound seniors. Elder Care Services is honored to serve our community with this essential program and deeply indebted to all of those who selflessly support our efforts!

group photo of 2019 Big Wheels volunteers
Big Wheels 2019 volunteers

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