President's Point – August 2017

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Mark D. Baldino

One of the most amazing aspects of being associated with Elder Care Services is witnessing the commitment of our board of directors. Virtually all of those who have served on our board never miss a beat; they fulfill every day of their 3-year term with passion and fortitude, most of them completing three terms. They actively participate in board meetings, on committees, and with fundraising events like our upcoming Oktoberfest. 

Since joining ECS in June of 2012, I have witnessed five board members reach the end of their third term. Sharon Weeden, our long time treasurer retired from her position in March of 2014, esteemed former board chair Randy Pople retired five months later, and Judge Errol Powell, who gave unselfishly of his time and treasure, retired in August of 2015. As of our July 2017 board meeting, two more outstanding members are retiring after 9 years of service with Elder Care; our former board chair and my first boss and mentor Jim Wylie, and City Commissioner Scott Maddox, who was always there for us when we needed him, especially during hurricane Hermine. These former directors have left us with big shoes to fill.

Unfortunately, I have three more exceptional directors who will term out in the fourth quarter of 2018. Our board will soon face several vacant spots that must be filled in order for Elder Care Services to continue to thrive.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our board and have the time and talent to commit or if you know someone who you believe would be an excellent fit, please let me know. We need more volunteers who care about our mission and can help us gain increased support of the community to further our goals. There are some exciting things on the horizon and we want to be well positioned with a capable staff and a strong and competent board of directors to handle the increase in needs that will come with the aging boomers.

Thank you again for all you do to help us advance our mission. Time is of the essence and as most of you already know, the need to help seniors in our community is great and growing by the day.


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