President's Point – October 2017

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Mark D. Baldino

Last month I wrote about the wonderful feeling that unexpected gifts bring, there is nothing more welcome! 

Events like significant family bequests don't happen often, yet every day, Elder Care and our clients are the benefactors of so many incredible acts of kindness.

A few weeks ago, I was made aware that one of our clients, David Rothchild, had become eligible for Long-Term Care Medicaid. David has been under our care for a number of years and the recipient of many of our services. He was even featured in our Community Human Services Partnership presentation this spring and did a wonderful job expressing why the work we do is so important and how it has been life saving for him. His eligibility had come "just in time" as David was recently hospitalized for the fifth time this year due to a fall. He is likely looking at facility care very soon because it has become too dangerous for him to be living alone.

David's good fortune was made possible because of Mary Wakeman of the Heuler-Wakeman Law Group, who generously provided her services for free. She prepared a Qualified Income Trust to protect David's assets, created a Power of Attorney and set up a Medical Surrogacy so a friend could advocate for him and look after his medical needs.

Mary is one of our special Elder Care "angels" who deserves to be recognized and thanked for her steadfast commitment. From visiting David at rehab and repeatedly explaining legal procedures to securing all signatures and helping David's friend and his Elder Care Case Manager, Rita Love, navigate the Medicaid maze, Mary worked tirelessly. She left no stone unturned in her effort to provide better, more affordable care for David.

On October 6th when we celebrate the 19th annual Oktoberfest and raise critical support for our programs, stories like this affirm why we do the work we have been doing for over 46 years. There are countless seniors like David whose lives have been positively impacted by the staff and friends of Elder Care. Our clients see firsthand, as David so aptly conveyed in his video, what no words could adequately convey. We are incredibly fortunate to have such kind, generous, caring and thoughtful volunteers like Mary and so many passionate employees like Rita who care so deeply for their clients.

It truly takes a village of compassionate individuals to support our seniors in need.  You all make our work possible and we hope to celebrate with all of you at Oktoberfest!


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