Elder Day Stay

Elder Day Stay is a safe, nurturing, home-like environment that recognizes the value of each person. Our adult day care is designed for seniors who require constant supervision due to their physical or cognitive limitations.

In addition to individualized supervision, Elder Day Stay provides assistance with daily activities, medication management, exercise, nutritious meals and snacks, intellectual stimulation, and socialization. Elder Day Stay provides caregivers and families the assistance they need in an effort to keep their loved one at home rather than face long-term care placement.

Elder Day Stay provides:

  • Socialization with staff, Senior Companion volunteers, fellow Elder Day Stay clients, and community volunteers.
  • Intellectual stimulation and orientation activities using current events, music, reminiscing, games and cooking.
  • Nutritious lunches and snacks planned by Elder Care Services Registered Dietician.
  • Exercise - seated stretching, movement, balance and weight bearing exercises.
  • Mobility Assistance as needed with transferring, toileting, along with activities that encourage and maintain independence.
  • Medication management by an R.N. or L.P.N.

Elder Day Stay In-Take Packet June Activity Calendar

If you are interested in touring our Elder Day Stay facility, please contact Lexi de León at (850) 222-4208.

We are located at 1660 North Monroe Street. Suite 11, Tallahassee, FL 32303 Click here for a map.


"The last couple of days have been a combination of rough and incredibly rich. My mom has moved from very lucid and introspective moments to frightening episodes of confusion almost back to back. In her lucid moments, she has said that she wants to live separate from my father now. She has said that she thinks he is so angry at himself for being unable to care for her and that she wants him to have a break. She has told me that I need to give my attention to my daughter as she is pregnant now. She has asked me not to worry about her and has told me that she will adapt to living in a nursing home very well...that she is even excited about it. At other times, she asks me when she is going home and asks me where she is. I have felt very fortunate that my mom has kept her incredible feisty personality through all of this period of her life. I feel extremely grateful that her lucid moments have reminded me of the protective "mama bear" mother that I knew for most of my life. She always put her family's needs first and that has surfaced so many times, even as she faces great challenges to her own world.

I don't think that you could possibly know how much pleasure I got seeing how happy Elder Day Stay made her. She was truly herself around all of you and that is the greatest compliment and indication of her deep comfort, joy and security. I can never thank you enough for your generous hearts, your humor, your respect and your kindness. I will keep you posted about her transition to Seven Hills. Rita, please pass this on to Patrick, Susan and everyone else who helped along the way. Much love and many many blessings to you all."


AHCA#9049 (Elder Day Stay)