Elder Care Services Strategic Plan

VISION: Elder Care Services, Inc. is the unquestioned leader in serving seniors in the Big Bend Area. ECS is the leading provider of services that improve the quality of life for seniors; the definitive source of accurate information on aging issues, services and programs affecting seniors; and an active advocate for seniors working with others to fulfill unmet needs in the community.

MISSION: The mission of Elder Care Services is to improve the quality of life for seniors and their caregivers.

GOAL 1. ECS management and Board implement a continuous quality improvement process that includes a focus on results, utilization of customer/client feedback, demonstration of best practices, and a systems approach to process improvement.

GOAL 2. ECS will become the most effective source of information, referral, education, and resources on aging issues for seniors, their caregivers and the community.

GOAL 3: Elder Care Services has a capital plan, strategic partnerships and contractual relationships that expand the range of services and business opportunities.

GOAL 4: Elder Care Services is the primary source of senior volunteers to assist clients and non-profit or government agencies in the region.