Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Mission of Elder Care Services is to Improve the Quality of Life for Seniors.

Our Vision

Elder Care Services, Inc. is the unquestioned leader in advocating for and serving seniors in the Big Bend area.

What We Do

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Who We Are

The Elder Care Services' logo is a log cabin quilt design that symbolizes our services. Just as carefully chosen pieces of fabric sewn together make a quilt, basics like a bath, hot meals, clean clothes, transportation, and companionship form a pattern of care for seniors. Through ECS, active seniors make up a vital component of our programs by helping us and others in our community meet the needs of our most frail and vulnerable seniors.

Our vision includes being the definitive source of information on aging issues and services, and acting as an advocate for seniors. ECS collaborates with local, state, and federal agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations, local schools and universities, and foundations to find resources and solutions for unmet needs in our community. Each year, over 5,000 seniors and their families receive help from Elder Care Services.