President's Point – February 2017

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Mark D. Baldino

We have much to celebrate at Elder Care Services this year, beginning with a seamless transition in leadership.  Our outgoing Board Chair Bill Phelan completed his two-year term on December 31, 2016 and was recognized at the January 25th board meeting.  He was congratulated and presented with a small token of appreciation by the board and senior management for his steady hand, his commitment to furthering our cause, and the huge number of required volunteer hours.  Vice Chair Linda (Sue) Weeks assumed her new role as board chair and ran a very efficient and effective first meeting where Tom Kirwin was thanked for his willingness to serve as Vice Chair for 2017-18. The Executive Committee was also reconstituted with the addition of its newest member, Keith Bowers, who is the Vice Chair in waiting.  Our succession scheme ensures a secure future for ECS governance!

The management team also received a huge boost with the addition of two accomplished businesswomen who will revamp ECS Communications and Development: Nicole Ballas and Abena Ojetayo.  Nicole comes to us with considerable non-profit development experience and Abena Ojetayo brings her talents for strategic planning and social enterprise management, skills that will add tremendous value to this organization.

2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for ECS based on the recent developments on the board and staff levels, but it would not be possible without YOU, our extremely generous, fiercely loyal, and amazingly passionate volunteers and supporters.  Thanks for everything you do to help us improve the quality of life for seniors in North Florida!

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